Collection: Monoliths

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About the Monolith Collection

Introducing The Monolith Collection

Where coolness meets creativity. Born during the burning of the midnight oil, the Monoliths are an ode to the avant-garde and a wink to the status quo. For all the creators and creatives out there, we've concocted a sartorial collection that'll put you in the mood to make.

This collection wants you to imagine strutting down the street, turning heads left and right, while feeling like you're floating on a cloud of artistic genius.

It's time to break free and become the enigmatic monolith of style. The Monolith Collection is named so because all these pieces are born from a single idea: "Be inspired"

Whether you're an undiscovered painter, an aspiring poet, or a garage-band rockstar, The Monolith Collection welcomes all who dare to venture beyond the ordinary.